Training Fees

Membership Subscription

Membership (£44) is payable annually and becomes due upon joining the Club.

Swimming Fees

These are payable at 6 monthly intervals to cover the periods Jan-Jun and Jul-Dec, as follows:

  • £84.00 (or £14 per month) for one session
  • £168.00 (or £28 per month) for two sessions
  • £243.60 (or £40.60 per month) for three sessions
  • £294.00 (or £49 per month) for four sessions
For those members joining between the due dates, fees will be charged on a pro rata basis.

Prompt payment of fees is much appreciated. Please make cheques payable to Ware Swimming Club or bank transfer to:

  • Account Name:    Ware Swimming Club
  • Sort Code:           20-20-37
  • Account Code:     80460826

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