Code of Behaviour

Code of Behaviour and Disciplinary Procedure

Behaviour and personal conduct must, at all times, be of a high standard and reflect favourably on Ware Swimming Club and the sport.

Should a coach or Coach Official find it necessary to discipline any swimmer during a gala/competition, the action may be followed up in writing to the swimmer’s parent(s)/guardian(s) by the Committee.

Swimmers who exhibit violent behaviour and/or verbal and/or physical abuse during a Club training session will be asked to leave the pool. Behaviour on subsequent sessions will be monitored.

If a future incident occurs, the Committee will send a letter to the swimmer’s parent(s)/guardian(s) detailing the incident and asking them to reinforce positive behaviour and the Ware SC Code of Behaviour.

If there is no improvement following the initial letter, a second warning letter will be sent and the Committee will request that a parent/guardian be present during training. The second letter will also inform the swimmer and parent(s/guardian(s) that membership will be withdrawn in one month if the behaviour persists.

If there is no improvement, the Committee will write to advise that membership has been withdrawn and the swimmer will be asked to leave the Club.

The swimmer will then be given the opportunity to appeal within seven days upon receipt of the Committee’s decision, if they wish to defend their behaviour and appeal against the disciplinary action.

Any appeal must be made in writing to the Club Secretary and the appeal will be heard by the Executive Committee members at a mutually convenient time for both parties.

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